Funkoscope || WWHTAATime (2016 Remaster)

One of the freshest tracks ever produced by Funkoscope, mastered with all the knowledge gathered since the original release more than two years ago. This cutting edge, brand new master showcases all the beautiful sounds that this song has to offer. Brought to the front, an amazing soundscape, a fully remastered WWHTAATime.

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There’s a time in our lives where one reflects, remembering the dreams that once were. Time slips through our fingers into what may with or without us. Who would have thought at a time?

Original Art Source:

Adventure Time – “A Glitch is a Glitch”

SandsofCause by Andrew.Beebe on

ℱüηк◎ṧḉσ℘e™ (Funkoscope) || Going Along [Free DL – Melodic HipHop Instrumental ]

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Our society is all about going along and keeping your mouth shut. Since we were kids most have been taught this is the way to success, to keep your nose clean and live for the future. Melodic Hip-Hop with a conscience.

Dub over this if you’re a rapper, simply give me credit for original source (in title of track please)

Original Image:

Blockman – Farewell Spaceman
Gorillaz – Tomorrow Comes Today


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Live Original Electronic Track || Funkoscope – Doomed To Wait (Video)

First take (recording) of my newest track using Ableton + Akai MPK Mini.  Gives a little insight on just one variation of how electronic music is played, not just pressing buttons!  To play an electronic track not only do you have to have a great ear for musical notes, but must be able to multitask very effectively (effects + timing + etc).  Although this is the case, a good electronic musician’s time making a track is mostly spent on the producing end.  Making your sounds “pop” and stick with your listeners is an art in itself.  Take a listen and check out my Soundcloud if ya like what you hear 😉 Peace.


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