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Just Win is an original production by Funkoscope. Featuring melodic synth based instruments, harp cut from Gramatik’s Anima Mundi, vocal chop from Avicii’s Fade To Darkness, and a syncopated driven bass, Just Win has both qualities of a shuffling dance track and a vibey psychedelic tune.


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Funkoscope || Dan Bailey (Original by Funkoscope)


Dan Bailey Gif

Featuring deep vibrations of synthesizers, sub-bass, distorted electric guitar (Les Paul), and hip hop percussion Funkoscope brings you a new original by the name of Dan Bailey.

When I imagine this song I imagine the alley ways, the darkest portion of the city. Its 1977, Dan Bailey is on watch…. He’s an agent gone rogue. A shell of his former, decent self, he scowls at the streets, yet only internally. Cool on the outside, a problem for the rest on the out… Watch Out…



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Funkoscope || WWHTAATime (2016 Remaster)

One of the freshest tracks ever produced by Funkoscope, mastered with all the knowledge gathered since the original release more than two years ago. This cutting edge, brand new master showcases all the beautiful sounds that this song has to offer. Brought to the front, an amazing soundscape, a fully remastered WWHTAATime.

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There’s a time in our lives where one reflects, remembering the dreams that once were. Time slips through our fingers into what may with or without us. Who would have thought at a time?

Original Art Source: http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2011/07/the-lost-dream-of-trippy-70s-space-colonies/242192/

Adventure Time – “A Glitch is a Glitch”

ℱunк◎ṧcope (Funkoscope) || Phase: The Journey That Lead To A New Sound


Funkoscope - PenEffects4epMCLe

It felt just like a Phase. The move from Pittsburgh to San Francisco. A changing of surroundings that one doesn’t really think about deeply until you’re in the situation. Not only does the weather change, the places we frequent turn, the venues we go to for shows switch, the friends we hang with alter, but the culture is different. The little things in the everyday that we glaze over after a while. Those are things for me that bring a smile to my face. As an outsider, for now, the observation takes very minimal effort. A little to the west is the Mission, the Hispanic epicenter of San Francisco. To the north Chinatown, where you” walk through the park and feel like you’ve transported to east asia. Go a few blocks away to Union Square and you’ll hear 15 languages in the matter of hours.

The way people smile. The way people move to the beat. The way people live their lives. Others affect us everyday whether that be good or bad, nonetheless your life is directly changed by the ones your surround yourself with.

Phase is that change, the journey, the vision, for where we think and hope we’ll be. Spoken from a time that once was. Waves have crashed down on the past, freeing up space for new life. Phase explores a time of movements.

Developed in Ableton, this fully original song from Funkoscope, utilizes vibrant synthetic instruments, deep distorted guitar, and hip-hop themed percussion. Enjoy and as always enjoy the free download via Soundcloud.


Funkoscope The Arrival Mountains

The Arrival || Original by Funkoscope


The newest song I’ve drafted up from the depths of my imagination comes in the form of a synthetic hip-hop based journey featuring guitar, psychedelic pads, and rich sounding robot ambiance. Starting with a beat fit for a world class rapper, we follow the trek down into the unknown. The Arrival showcases a time in our lives when we show up to the doorstep of mystery, not knowing what may stand in its wake. Infused with nostalgic memories of times past we compare to our new surroundings to moments that once were. 80 BPM, one new city, the newest Funkoscope track…. The Arrival.


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Funk-O-USBs || Electric Forest, Rothbury MI this year!


Be on the look out for these fresh Funk-O-USBs this year at Electric Forest Festival in Rothbury, MI. Featuring 6 original tracks from yours truly you wont want to miss these if you’re going!

Heres to finally finding Carl this year, thanks Funk-O-Fam



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ℱunк◎ṧcope (Funkoscope) || Navigo [Original – Free Download]


Enter the depths, out of control & out of mind. There’s no telling of what is to find, but the beauty lures you further into the abyss.

This brand new track combines elements of ambient psychedelic house, with an electronic journey song that only Funkoscope could create. Plans for the next song include a more beat focused, simple track. Drop a line on Soundcloud, follow Funkoscope, & grab the always free download!



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Original Art: www.flickr.com/photos/9269319@N04/6605134151/


ℱunк◎ṧcope (Funkoscope) || De Depths Howling [Original – Free Download]



New original, psychedelic track that i’ve spent WAY too long perfecting is finally uploaded to de SoundCloud. Go check it out & leave a line / like! From the depths of our imagination, we can never be too sure of what lays below. For tragedy or for glory, we shall find out as time flows.

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Original Art:


ℱünк◎ṧḉσ℘e (Funkoscope) || All Who Wander Are Lost

At this time we wander through the abyss trying to find what we may. Deep into the experience a horrifying thought pops into our weary head. All who wander are lost, & all who are lost are left to their manic minds.

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INfinateHand by Mariajo Osanz on Flikr.com

ℱüηк◎ṧḉσ℘e™ (Funkoscope) || Fantasy [✖Free Download✖]

IMO my best production yet. With a small sample from Devotchka’s “The Winner Is”, I include electronic elements with guitar, & a lot of dreaming. This track is a Fantasy, a wondering song, exploring people’s everyday thoughts into the unexpected.  Psychedelic Electronic with soul.  Check it out, grab the free download from Soundcloud or Hulkshare, & give me a like on Facebook to support my continued musicianship.



ℱüηк◎ṧḉσ℘e™ (Funkoscope) – Tribal (Facebook.com/Funkoscope – Fri Live Mix – Headphones)

Saving up for an album release. Got some good good in the works. Enjoy this track till then, got those new 808s.

Note: This is track (and most of my others) are meant for speakers with good frequency range. One can’t hear the high ends + low low ends in all their glory without.



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ℱüηк◎ṧḉσ℘e™ || Special ☆Free Download☆

Check out my newest original track strait for the horse’s mouth, and make sure to grab the free download!  Chill Psychedelic Ambient Spacestep.


ℱüηк◎ṧḉσ℘e™ || Special


Listen with headphones! We all think we’re special and we have something no one else can offer the world. Sometimes that idealistic thinking can get us in trouble. Special in a certain way, but maybe not a way you’d think. Enjoy

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Funkoscope || Day Vu Dreaming (Psychedelic Electronic Journey) [FREE Download]



Psychedelic trance house works into a funky bass line, that brings in the Downtempo Dudhop drums. A weird mix of sounds unlike many heard before. Check it out, grab the download (go to mi Bandcamp and just enter $0 for free download!), and leave a donation on mi Bandcamp if ya like what I’m doing 😉

(Planing to move out to Portland to find new horizons, would appreciate the help!)

For mp3 go here: Funkoscope.bandcamp.com

VSauce: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSf8i8bHIns
The Avalanches – Two Hearts in 3-4 Hearts Time

Pic From Here: thisartisyours.com

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