Funkoscope || Oseyo (New Electronic Original – Free Download)

Catching up to the prize just barely escaping your grasp. The reward has unknown consequences, but there still is a desire and depth to it’s mystery. Oseyo is the latest from Funkoscope and comes in the form of a electronic, bass driven, psychedelic, highly energized adventure.

This song explores the idea that we’re constantly chasing ourselves even if we know the final destination. The distraction of outside noise interfering with every aspect of our lives. Crossover from a variety of sources directly takes our eyes from view. The prize may not have been as obtainable as once thought. But the will is there…

Developed over the last month utilizing Ableton, a variety of different VSTs , vocal stems from KRANE x Alexander Lewis’ Fall Apart, and the imagination of a mad man, Oseyo brought out many new techniques both auditorily and structurally.

Enjoy the psychedelic music video, grab the download on Soundcloud, and help spread the good vibes through social shares and follows. Feel free to send me a message either at my email ( or on my social pages (check Soundcloud and Twitter most frequently) as well. Your ears and your minds are very appreciated. Till next time friends..


ℱünк◎ṧḉσ℘e (Funkoscope) || WWHTAATime (Low Bass = Headphones)

My most technically advance song thus far.

There’s a time in our lives where one reflects, remembering the dreams that once were. Time slips through our fingers into what may with or without us. Who would have thought at a time?

Original Art Source:

Adventure Time – “A Glitch is a Glitch”

INfinateHand by Mariajo Osanz on

ℱüηк◎ṧḉσ℘e™ (Funkoscope) || Fantasy [✖Free Download✖]

IMO my best production yet. With a small sample from Devotchka’s “The Winner Is”, I include electronic elements with guitar, & a lot of dreaming. This track is a Fantasy, a wondering song, exploring people’s everyday thoughts into the unexpected.  Psychedelic Electronic with soul.  Check it out, grab the free download from Soundcloud or Hulkshare, & give me a like on Facebook to support my continued musicianship.



ℱüηк◎ṧḉσ℘e™ (Funkoscope) – Tribal ( – Fri Live Mix – Headphones)

Saving up for an album release. Got some good good in the works. Enjoy this track till then, got those new 808s.

Note: This is track (and most of my others) are meant for speakers with good frequency range. One can’t hear the high ends + low low ends in all their glory without.



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Atok Photo from Atoms For Peace's Facebook page

Atoms For Peace || Amok (Album Review)

Atoms For Peace is a recently formed supergroup which consists of Thom York (Radiohead frontman), Red Hot Chili Peppers bass player Flea, superstar Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich, Joey Waronker of Beck & R.E.M, and Brazilian percussionist Mauro Refosco.

Thoughts on the Atoms For Peace album after a few listens through:
1. Great album to listen strait through, but no individual songs really really stand out
2. Sounds just like a Radiohead album
3. The production (Nigel Godrich, radiohead’s producer) is amazing & how he gets those crispy hats to go with the low bass percussion is a work of magic. Seriously one of the best in the game
4. Flea really getsdrown out on a lot of the tracks & you really have to have decent headphones / speakers to admire his work
5. That being said more of a synth bass is used on a lot of the tracks (ala radiohead) rather than Flea’s signature slap bass. Me disappoint
6. The percussion really is amazing & a focal point
7. Super repetitive, but makes the little things stand out / matter that much more
8. Thom’s vocals are lovely as ever
9. Pretty damn good (4 or 4.5/5) – I rate full albums hard – I’ll probably give it a lot of air time this next year but probably won’t come back to it 10 years from now



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ℱüηк◎ṧḉσ℘e™ || Unexpected [Free Original Download]

Sometimes the most normal things, as common and old as they may be, do something Unexpected. This song explores the idea that something extraordinary can be found in the most ordinary places.

Listen with headphones!

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Zeds Dead – In The Beginning


Vessel EP || New Tracks from Funkoscope (Psychedelic / Dubstep / Electronic)

Just released my first EP yesterday by the name of Vessel EP.  This extended play includes five of my more recent, better tracks that works from Electro to Downtempo Dub and everywhere in between!  Grab the whole album at the following link fo FREE, or grab the individual songs on my Hulkshare page.  Check it out and enjoy!  Our body is merely a Vessel.


Vessel EP Free Download

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One of the tracks on the EP


Vessel EP Free Download

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Funkoscope || Day Vu Dreaming (Psychedelic Electronic Journey) [FREE Download]



Psychedelic trance house works into a funky bass line, that brings in the Downtempo Dudhop drums. A weird mix of sounds unlike many heard before. Check it out, grab the download (go to mi Bandcamp and just enter $0 for free download!), and leave a donation on mi Bandcamp if ya like what I’m doing 😉

(Planing to move out to Portland to find new horizons, would appreciate the help!)

For mp3 go here:

The Avalanches – Two Hearts in 3-4 Hearts Time

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